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10/23/2014 News

This isn't really Junji Ito related, but a few of our friends have just launched their new game for iOS. They've been working hard on it for a long time so please check out their work and give them all your support: Guess Master: Ultimate Guessing Game. Check out their website as well:

Today's Featured Story

The Bronze Statue

junji ito black paradox cover

The Black Paradox

The Black Paradox Chapter 1 - Group Suicide
The Black Paradox Chapter 2 - Strange Tale of the Pylorus
The Black Paradox Chapter 3 - Paradoxical Night
The Black Paradox Chapter 4 - Dr. Suka's Villa
The Black Paradox Chapter 5 - The Spirit World Project
The Black Paradox Chapter 6 - To the Dazzling Future
The Black Paradox Bonus Chapter - The Licking Woman
The Black Paradox Bonus Chapter - The Mystery Pavillion

junji ito mimi's ghost stories cover

Mimi's Ghost Stories

Mimi's Ghost Stories Bonus Chapter: Atop the Electric Pole
Mimi's Ghost Stories Chapter 1: The Woman Next Door
Mimi's Ghost Stories Chapter 2: The Sound of Grass
Mimi's Ghost Stories Chapter 3: GraveMan
Mimi's Ghost Stories Chapter 4: Alone With You
Mimi's Ghost Stories Chapter 5: The Seashore
Mimi's Ghost Stories Chapter 6: The Scarlet Circle


Frankenstein by Junji Ito - Note: No chapters. One story. 150+ pages.
Frankenstein Bonus Story: Hell'o Dollies (a.k.a. A Doll's Hellish Burrial)
Frankenstein Bonus Story: A Shit to Remember

junji ito mimi's ghost stories cover

Hellstar Remina

Hellstar Remina by Junji Ito Chapter 1: The Dread Planet
Hellstar Remina by Junji Ito Chapter 2: GirlHunt
Hellstar Remina by Junji Ito Chapter 3: Plaguebringer
Hellstar Remina by Junji Ito Chapter 4: Under Her Tongue
Hellstar Remina by Junji Ito Chapter 5: Licked
Hellstar Remina by Junji Ito Chapter 6: Endless Void
Hellstar Remina Bonus Chapter: Army of One

junji ito voices in the dark cover

Voices in the Dark

Blood Slurping Darkness
The Ghosts of Golden Time
Roar of Ages
Secret of the Haunted Mansion
The Earthbound
Dead Man Calling

junji ito new voices in the dark cover

New Voices in the Dark

The Soichi Front
Soichi's Beloved Pet
In the Valley of Mirrors
Anything but a Ghost!
Library of Illusions
Songs in the Dark
Splatter Film

junji ito volume 4 cover

Horror Collection #4: The Face Burglar

The Face Burglar
Red String
My Dear Ancestors
Hanging Balloons

junji ito volume 5 cover

Horror Collection #5: Souichi's Diary of Delights

Souichi's Diary of Delights Chapter 1: Fun Summer Vacation
Souichi's Diary of Delights Chapter 2: Fun Winter Vacation
Souichi's Diary of Delights Chapter 3: Souichi's Diary of Delights
Souichi's Diary of Delights Chapter 4: Souichi's House Call Interview
Souichi's Diary of Delights Chapter 5: Mannequin Teacher
Souichi's Diary of Delights Chapter 6: Souichi's Birthday

junji ito volume 6 cover

Horror Collection #6: Souichi's Diary of Curses

Souichi's Diary of Curses Chapter 1: Souichi's Selfish Curse
Souichi's Diary of Curses Chapter 2: The Room with Four Walls
Souichi's Diary of Curses Chapter 3: Coffin
Souichi's Diary of Curses Chapter 4: Rumors
Souichi's Diary of Curses Chapter 5: Fashion Model



junji ito volume 7 cover

Horror Collection #7: Slug Girl

Slug Girl
Thing that Drifted Ashore
The Chill
The Groaning Drain



junji ito volume 8 cover

Horror Collection #8: Blood Bubble Bushes

Blood Bubble Bushes
The Will
The Bridge
The Conversation Room






junji ito volume 9 cover

Horror Collection #9: Hallucinations

Bog of the Living Dead
Further Tales of Oshikiri
Oshikiri Walls










junji ito volume 10 cover

Horror Collection #10: House of the Marionettes

The Smoking Club
The Gift Bearer
Second-Hand Record
Ice Cream Bus
House of Puppets

junji ito volume 11 cover

Horror Collection #11: The Town Without Streets

Near Miss!
Town Without Streets



junji ito volume 12 cover

Horror Collection #12: The Bully

The Bully
A Deserter in the House
Heart of a Father
In the Soil
Love as Scripted
The Back Alley

junji ito volume 13 cover

Horror Collection #13: The Circus is Here

The Window Next Door
The Circus is Here
The Seance
The Second Daughter's Lover

junji ito volume 14 cover

Horror Collection #14: The Story of the Mysterious Tunnel

The Story of the Mysterious Tunnel
Drifting Spores
Blood Sickness of White Sands Village
The Bronze Statue
Long Dream

junji ito volume 15 cover

Horror Collection #15: Undying Love

Chapter 1: The Intersection's Pretty Boy
Chapter 2: The Troubled Woman
Chapter 3: Shadow
Chapter 4: Night of Screams


Junji Ito's One-Shot Stories

The Human Chair
Enigma of Amigara Fault
Dissolving Classroom
Red Turtleneck
Summer Graduation Trip
Children of the Earth


Ordered alphabetically and by story length (same stories from above)

Short (~15 Pages or less)

Atop the Electric Pole - Driving at night can be dangerous
The Mystery Pavillion - In the future, most animals have become extinct

Medium Length (~35 pages)

A deserter in the house - A WWII prank goes wrong
Alone With You - A girl won't stop hugging her babysitter
Anything but a Ghost - A woman is spotted in the middle of the road at night
Army of One - Two people found floating down the river causes panic
Bog of the Living Dead - A swamp behind a school is said to be haunted by spirits
Clubhouse - Three girls dare each other to enter the haunted house
Coffin - Souichi wants his grandfather to make him a coffin
Drifting Spores - Black floating spores are found all around town
Dr. Suka's Villa - Black Paradox Chapter 4
Enigma of Amigara Fault - Strange human shaped holes appear on the side of a mountain
Falling - People mysteriously start falling down from the sky and no one knows why
Fashion Model - Some fashion models shouldn't be in the fashion industry
Fun Winter Vacation - Souichi has an eventful winter break from school
Fun Summer Vacation - Souichi has an eventful summer break
Graveman - Mimi moves to a house in front of a graveyard
GraveTown - A town is surrounded by gravestones everywhere
Group Suicide - Black Paradox Chapter 1
Hallucinations - A boy starts having hallucinations after murdering his friend
Hanging Balloons - A celebrity is seen floating above the city even though she's dead
House of Puppets
- Puppets mean everything to some people
Human Chair - An author is able to overcome writer's block but only when sitting in her special chair
Ice Cream Bus - The Ice Cream Man is way too nice to the kids he serves
In the Soil - A class of students dig up their 20 year old time capsule
In the Valley of Mirrors - Shards of broken glass are found everywhere in a valley
Library of Illusions - Some men have a never ending thirst for knowledge
Long Dream - A man claims to have dreamt for days while only sleeping for a few hours
Love as Scripted - Sometimes true love can be an act
Memory - Some memories are never forgotten
My Dear Ancestors - This family is full of surprises
Near Miss - After a plance has gone missing, no one knows where it crashed
Night of Screams - Undying Love Chapter 4
Paradoxical Night - Black Paradox Chapter 2
Red String - Where is this red string coming from?
Rumors - Souichi spreads rumors about himself around the school
Ryokan - A crazy old man is hellbent on opening an inn
Scarecrows - Some scarecrows can truly resemble human beings
Second Hand Record - A record that contains the world's most unique song
Shadow - Undying Love Chapter 3
Slug Girl - She's called slug girl for a reason
Soichi's Beloved Pet - Soichi gets a new pet cat
Souichi's Birthday - Souichi has his birthday
Souichi's Diary of Delights - What lies inside Souichi's Diary?
Souichi's House Call - Souichi's teacher comes by to teach him a lesson
Souichi's Selfish Curse - Souichi places a terrible curse on his enemies
Songs in the Dark - The story of a girl who can't get a song to stop playing in her head
Splatter Film - The world's most delicious honey can be fatal to consume
Strange Tale of the Pylorus - Black Paradox Chapter 2
The Back Alley - The story of an alley hidden from view
The Bully - Some bullies never learn
The Bridge - There's a rumored bridge where people claim to have seen ghosts
The Chill - A strange sickness known only as 'the chill' starts affecting innocent people.
The Conversation Room - Some conversations are meant to be private
The Face Burglar - Meet a woman who has the power to steal faces
The Gift Bearer - A man in town gives away free presents to everyone he meets
The Groaning Drain - A family experiences problems with their shower drain
The Intersection's Pretty Boy - Undying Love Chapter 1
The Licking Woman - The Licking Woman walks up to strangers on the road and licks them
The Room with Four Walls - A mysterious room with four walls
The Scarlet Circle - Mimi helps a friend discover what a red circle is doing in her basement
The Seashore - Mimi finds strange creatures near the seashore
The Smoking Club - A group of people smoking tobacco with a twist
The Soichi Front - Soichi starts a new haunted business of his own
The Sound of Grass - What does grass sound like?
The Spirit World Project - Black Paradox Chapter 5
The Story of the Mysterious Tunnel - Kids find and play inside of a mysterious tunnel.
The Troubled Woman - Undying Love Chapter 2
The Will - A family receives a will from a deceased relative
The Window Next Door - A mysteries old woman eerily calls out to strangers from her window
The Woman Next Door - Not much is known about the woman next door
Thing that Drifted Ashore - A giant sea creature is found dead on a beach
To the Dazzling Future - Black Paradox Final Chapter
Town Without Streets - A town without a single road or street

Long (~65 pages)
Blood Bubble Bushes - A couple finds strange plants with what seems like blood growing as fruits

Blood Sickness of White Sands Village - A strange illness befalls an innocent village
Heart of a Father - This family with strict parenting has a high suicide rate
Mannequin Teacher - A teacher with a huge interest in mannequins

Very Long (150+ pages)

Frankenstein - The story of Frankenstein recreated in Manga form by Junji Ito
Hellstar Remina - With the discovery of a new star marks the end of mankind

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